Tanzanite Ring - Natural 0.4 Ct December Birthstone

A Beautiful Tanzanite ring featuring a 0.4 ct round shaped high quality 100 % natural blue Tanzanite surrounded from each side with two natural genuine white diamonds complementing and accentuating the tanzanite quite beautifully and nicely.

This ring is perfectly well made from beginning to end and reflects our incredibly high standards and unwavering commitment to creating amazing pieces that people can enjoy and cherish for a lifetime.

This ring is fully made with solid 18 k gold and features a really beautiful Tanzanite set in a classic chic design that is sure to survive the test of time.

Tanzanite Specifications:

Weight: 0.4 ct
Shape: Round
Type: Natural (Not man-made or lab-created)
Color: Vivid Blue
Clarity: Eye clean
Brilliance: Very Brilliant
transparency: Very Transparent

Diamonds Specifications:

Type of diamonds: Natural Diamonds (Not man-made or lab-created)
Total Weight: 0.03 ct (total)
Number of Diamonds: 2 diamonds
Shape: Round
Clarity: VS/VVS (loupe clean at 20 times magnification)
Color: D,E, F (whitest level of diamonds)
Cut: round brilliant
Setting Type: micro-pave

Gold Specifications:

Type: Solid 18 k gold
Bandwidth: 1.2 mm
Color: all available
Size: all available

This is a very unique and special piece. We only work with natural gemstones and we only use the best. This ring is pure class. This is a real high-end piece of jewelry done right in every way possible.

Cute, simple, lovely, and deeply blue this is a piece you will not be able to put away.

Please don't forget to pick your band color and your size at check out.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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