1 Year Warranty, E-Certificate, and Life Time Support

NaturalGemsAtelier jewelry pieces are handmade and personalized exactly to your liking. They are made to last a lifetime and to be passed on for generations to come!

We certify that all of our products have been crafted with Solid 18k Gold, and created to the highest standards the world of jewelry has to offer. All of our gemstones are natural top gems carefully hand picked and certified by our senior GIA graduate.
We also offer a One-year Guarantee Certificate that includes free after sale services including rhodium plating, polishing, side gemstone falling, and repairs. 

After the expiration of the One-year Guarantee Certificate; orders will be subject to a back and forth shipping fee, and repairs are to be quoted fairly (Maintenance services like rhodium plating will still be offered for free).

Guarantee Certificate Sample



E-certificate Sample