Sapphire and Peridot Unique Engagement Ring - August and September Birthstones

Unique Engagement Ring made for couples that have an extra someone in their life, therefore, three equally amazing gemstones.

A Beautiful Deep Yellow Sapphire ring featuring rectangular emerald cut shaped 100 % Natural yellow sapphire and Peridot crafted in Solid 18k gold.

The ring is perfectly made from beginning to end, the yellow sapphire has a nice deep color that melts the soul, very good transparency, and stunning brilliancy. The Two Sapphires surrounding the Center Sapphire are specially selected by us to be of the highest quality and clarity possible. The ring is both very sturdy, lovely, and comfortable all at the same time.

This is a fancy, high-end piece of jewelry done with the finest that the world of jewelry has to offer.

Sapphires specifications:

Weight: 6 ct
Type: 100 % Natural (Not man-made or Lab Created)
Shape: Emerald Cut
Color: Deep Yellow (1), and deep Pink (2)
Origin: Sri Lanka, Ceylon
Brilliance: Very brilliant
Transparency: Transparent
Ethically Mined

Gold Specifications:

Type: Solid 18 k Gold
Width: 2 mm
Metal: 18K Yellow Gold or White Gold.
Ring size: All available

Set in Solid 18 kt gold the ring will surely make any woman happy and have her hand glittering with nature's beauty.

Beautiful, elegant, and strong, and simple all at the same time while also magically charming this ring is nothing short of absolutely beautiful.

The Ring is suitable for any occasion: Birthday gift, Motherday's gift, as an engagement ring or just to surprise someone out of the blue. The ring is very impressive and beautiful with its nice, elegant classical design and the excellent craftsmanship reflected in every aspect of its making.

We work passionately to make the most beautiful Jewelry for people to enjoy. If you have any questions about this piece or if we can help you with any of our other pieces please feel free to contact us through Etsy it will be our pleasure to help and assist you.

Please Don't forget to both select your ring size and gold color while you are checking out it will be a pleasure to do this ring as per your specifications.

We offer convenient payment plans. You can pay a down payment for this ring tailored to your needs, and we will securely hold the ring for you until the full amount has been paid. Please press the contact button and contact us for more details if you are interested.

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