Natural Vivid Red Ruby Flower Ring

"The Blooming Passion" by NaturalGemsAtelier, a stunning ruby ring featuring a collection of 5.25 ct TW oval-shaped natural vivid red rubies placed in the shape of a flower and surrounding a cluster of natural white diamonds of the whitest white and the highest clarity available in nature.

This ring is absolutely heavenly in every way and shows the full brilliance and genius of our jewelry-making power in every aspect of its making. It features 5 high-quality red rubies weighing approximately 1 ct each and circling around each other in the shape of a very lovely and sensational, vivid red, heart-melting fiery flower.

This ring is made with solid 18 k white gold, high-quality natural diamonds and features a collection of really beautiful exceptional natural rubies set in a classic, chic eternal design.

Ruby specification:

Weight: 5.24 Ct(total weight)
Shape: Oval
Type: Natural (not man-made or lab-created)
Color: Vivid red
Clarity: Eye clean
Origin: Burma
Brilliance: Very brilliant
Number: 18 Rubies

Diamonds Specifications:

Total Weight: 0.55 ct (total weight)
type: 100% Natural Genuine Diamonds (not man-made or lab-created)
Shape: Pear and Round Brilliant diamonds
Clarity: VVS (loupe clean at 20 times magnification)
Color: D, F (whitest level of diamonds)
Cut: Excellent
Setting Type: Prong setting

Gold Specifications:

Type: Solid 18 k gold
Band Width: 2.5 mm
Color: White
Ring Size: Adjustable

This Stunning Vivid red ruby ring is sure to bring any woman to tears and can only be found at NaturalGemsAtelier and nowhere else. The blooming passion is a testament to the beauty and power of love which resembles a fiery red flower that needs nurturing and care so that it will shine with the most exceptional of fiery colors.

This is a real high-end piece of jewelry done perfectly in every way possible.

You can pay for this ring inconvenient down payments that suit your situation.

Please don't forget to choose your ring size we will personalize the ring as per your specifications.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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