Natural Ruby Engagement Ring "Flying Love"

"Flying Love" by NaturalGemsAtelier. A beautiful Ruby engagement ring made with solid 18 k gold and featuring a natural Emerald Cut 0.85 ct Ruby center stone accompanied by 2 natural pear-shaped white diamonds of the highest clarity and quality available in the world of jewelry.

The Ring is really nice and simply a wonderful and eternal piece of jewelry with a truly stunning and classy design as well as excellent craftsmanship reflected along every curve.

The Ruby is a 0.85 ct natural Burmese Ruby from the great mountains of Mogok infamous for the best rubies on the planet.

Crafted by hand « Flying Love» by NaturalGemsAtelier took more than 37 hours of work to carefully design, craft, and bring into life. « Flying Love » is a labor of love and dedication and is one of our most beautiful and most heavenly creations.

The Ring is created to symbolize and parallel the feeling and purity of love and how it elevates us above all the trouble and the problems of life and gives us wings and truly uplifts our lives and gives them true deep meaning and purpose.

The ruby in the middle signifies the power and the fire of passion and love and the two completely pure and clean, excellently cut pear-shaped, brilliant white diamonds symbolize everything that is heavenly and pure in a relationship and are carefully positioned on each side of the ruby as to look like wings that are taking the stone and flying with it high beyond the clouds into a world of wonder and bliss.

All of our natural colored Gemstones are carefully selected by us to be of the highest quality and the best cut possible.

Ruby specification:

Weight: 0.85 ct
Shape: Emerald Cut
Type: Natural (not man-made or lab-created )
Color: Intense red
Clarity: Eye clean
Origin: Burma
Brilliance: Brillant
Transparent: Transparent
Cut: excellent
Ethically mined

Diamonds Specifications:

Total Weight: 0.40 ct
Type: 100 % Natural Diamonds (not man-made or lab-created)
Shape: Pear Shaped
Clarity: VS/VVS (loupe clean at 10 times magnification)
Color: D, E,F (whitest level of diamonds)
Cut: Pear Shaped
Setting Type: Prong setting
Ethically Mined

Gold Specifications:

Type: Solid 18 k gold
Width: 2 mm
Color: Customizable
Size: Customizable

We work passionately to make the most beautiful Jewelry for people to enjoy.

Band color available: Solid 18 k yellow gold, Solid 18 k rose gold, Solid 18 k white gold.

Please don’t forget to select both the band color and your finger size at check out.

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